Templates for Research Source Analysis

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I created some documents for my newest version of Western Libraries’s Introduction to Research Strategies class and I have shared them as Google Doc Templates. These templates are designed to help students analyze sources used for research projects.

They include fields for source details, evaluation, and notes. Although they were created for a college-level research course, but they could easily be adapted for other audiences. This Doc can help create annotated bibliographies too. There may be a little too much on the source details for some uses, but you can easily delete sections that aren’t relevant for you.

There are two versions – Doc version and Form version.The Form version is better for adding analysis details all at once and creating a database from the data in associated Spreadsheet.The Doc version is better for adding analysis details incrementally.

At Western Libraries we have been using a template for annotated bibliographies that has done a decent job, but I wanted to improve it so that students could have more guidance through the evaluation and note taking process. With the old template students were typically not really doing much in-depth analysis. Hopefully this will improve their source analysis. I’ll see how it goes with my group this summer and make adjustments when I learn more about how they are using it.

Hope these templates help you and your students analyze sources. What can I do to make them better? How are you using source analysis templates?

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