Reboot: Getting (re)started is hard to do

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Okay, so I began this blog with the best of intentions, but I have neglected it. Sorry about that. Turns out that finishing grad school, getting married, having a child and beginning my first position in a new career, oh and moving too, all in the same year was kind of crazy. I think I am still recovering and trying to catch up. I recently transitioned to getting my very own domain name and hosting this site myself, so now I feel well positioned to reboot this blog.

Even so, I have been a bit hesitant to get started because it feels like a giant blank slate, even though I have copied over old posts, and I am having conflicting thoughts about which of my interests and activities I wish to focus on. Primarily I want to talk about my work as a librarian, but I would like to carve out some relevant space to talk about books, music, comics, films, art, design and whatever else inspires me, but I don’t want it to act as a review site. In the first instance of this blog I began writing about art that excites me because at that time I wasn’t yet a practicing librarian. Now, I want to talk about what I am doing and thinking about in my professional practice, but I also want to draw in the range of influences that shape my practice.

Writing this out like this is actually helping the idea take shape in my mind. Plus, chances are that it will work itself out as I get into the habit of working on this and sharing what I am up to. It also seems like I just need to get started and make a first post already so I can move on and get to the good stuff.

Why Blog?

Lots of you in Library Land are doing wonderful jobs blogging and sharing your working methods with the rest of us, so does the world really need another librarian blog? Probably not, but I believe that I need this blog. If this thing eventually attracts readers, that’s great and I genuinely hope to share useful info with potential readers, but currently I am equally interested in exploring how the process of reflecting and writing about my work will, hopefully, improve my work in turn. I believe that sharing the process can be as important as sharing the finished product, for both reader and writer. When I began my Instructional Design Librarian position at Western I took to keeping weekly logs of activities, but I fell out of practice when I started teaching a class and helping out with our migration to a new ILS. I really liked the reflective practice of the logs, but in that form, I found myself more occupied with the tasks and less with the bigger picture ideas and implications. Hopefully writing in this blog will help me to find a better balance that focuses on the big picture, while being informed by daily practice.

Most of my colleagues in Western Libraries do not have their own work-related blogs at the moment, so I feel extra motivated to do this so that I can share the exciting things that we are working on with a broader audience and maybe even show that there can be great benefits to putting yourself and your work out there like this.

I am also really excited to have my very own server space so I can play and experiment with tools that require some server-side scripting. I will periodically share these experiments and projects when those wheels really start turning.


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