Library Information Tutorial

Graphic of Connected Learning

One of my big projects is redesigning an outdated online literacy tutorial. The new set of tutorials will be built in Drupal 7, use JavaScript libraries for cutting-edge presentations and be mobile ready by design. The lessons themselves will contain videos, text, images, presentations, Guide on the Side-powered tutorials and quizzes. Plus students will be able to get digital badges upon completing the lessons.


League of Comics Librarians / MLLL

This is a group project that is currently in development.  This project began as a taxonomy for comics, turned into a capstone project, and is being developed into a commercial venture.  The League of Comic Librarians is the blog about this project.  This project applies our comics taxonomy to a comic collection, The MLLL, at Reed College to create a recommendation engine.  Our taxonomy aims to highlight connections between seemingly diverse comics and make excellent reading recommendations.

Meta Movies

The Meta Movies project aims to investigate and prototype the creation of useful metadata that will enhance scholarship, analysis, search, and retrieval of time-based art.  During this stage of the project I will focus on film objects, although it is certainly conceivable that this approach could be applied to other time-based media.  Metadata standards for film and video will be utilized, but this project will go beyond description at the item level.  For time-based arts, such as film and video, metadata will be significantly more useful and powerful when it is able to describe at a more granular level of detail.

Impact Survey Videos

The IMPACT Survey enables public libraries to collect patron-level data about the impact of providing free access to computers and the Internet for purposes of evaluation and advocacy.  I helped the IMPACT Team create two videos for advocacy purposes.  In the video, Making Connections: Internet Access @ Your Public Library, library public access technology users share their stories about how this service has made a difference in their lives.  The second video is Making Connections:  We Can Help You With That. This short, humorous video narrated by Nancy Pearl highlights the role of the librarian as information and technology guide, and the library as your go-to place when confronted with an information need. Have a question? The library can help you with that!