Menu Concept

Today I had some good meetings about my online information literacy lessons project. Someday I will have to write a longer reflection piece on where the project has come thus far, but until then I will offer views into where the development process is currently.

Working from some drawings on paper and whiteboard, I put together this poster to communicate this menu concept. This is mainly sketching out the functional side.

Chart of lesson organization and design concept


I am imagining this working as a top level navigation that will take the learner into a lesson. Currently I would like to first present the learner with just three options from the top level (numbered 1). These three lessons correspond to the Learning Commons workshop series Integrating Academic Literacies: Research and Writing that we have launched this past year at Western Washington University. If the user selects Finding and Using Sources the second level of lessons will expand below, and same goes for the third level that expands when Finding Sources is selected.


The workshop that correspond to the top level are the product of collaborative efforts of partners within our learning commons, particularly the Writing Center, Writing Instruction Support and Western Libraries. Instructors can sign up to bring their class to these workshops, but each workshop is only offered during certain times of the quarter to make sure that students are being reached at appropriate times. This model has been working really well and we have seen growing demand, frequently for the whole sequence. As this workshop model emerged and has developed I have tried to incorporate the sequence and the language into my design so that this tutorial can best compliment and extend the what students are learning in the workshops.


Lessons will have their own lesson-level navigation. Here is a design for that. Note that I don’t actually want to have two vertical menus next to each other. I mocked this up this way to partially to point out an issue that we will have if we mix a lesson-level navigation with presentations that have their own menus. This also has helped us identify that the chapters that make up a lesson should be grouped to clean up the menu, although we had a tough time thinking of concise titles for possible groupings.

Lesson-level menu design


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