ACRL Presentation on H5P

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This past weekend I had the great pleasure (and privilege) of presenting at the 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries national conference in Portland, Oregon. My presentation sought to introduce academic librarians to H5P and highlight how using open sources tools and platforms for creating online instructional content helps our community deliver on the promise of open educational resources.

Too often I see great online instructional materials that are licensed with Creative Commons licenses, but that were built using closed, proprietary software. These kinds of materials seriously limit the amount of reuse and customization that others can perform. Particularly if you do not have the access or funds for the particular commercial software.


Of course, there are good reasons that eLearning Authoring software has been used. Mainly, up until recently, there really hasn’t been much competition in the form of open source software solutions. I believe that this is all about to change, and I see H5P as a major light towards the future. Also keep an eye on Adapt, which looks beautiful and amazing, but needs some fairly serious technical setup to get running on your own. Content creators will still need to pull the pieces together, but H5P gets you 90% of the way there, and the other 10% is easily accomplished through your content management system. Plus H5P keeps getting better all the time. Just recently they introduced some great updates, including interactive videos that can now link to YouTube, improved embed codes and Tin Can xAPI.

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